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The 'gamechanger' in the field of hermetic closure. More then 30 years of experience and proven technology

About Sevenoaks

Sevenoaks is the ideal manufacturer and supplier of hermetically sealed sliding doors. Original in ideas and always looking for new way to improve her design to suit your specific demands. Our R&D department is the cutting edge of door technology when we speak of hermetic sealing and cold storage. Internationally recognised as market leader supplying a quality product that is reliable, safe and durable. Hermetic door systems for the pharmaceutical industry, the health sector and above all for the food processing industry.


Sevenoaks, although very young, can still rely on years of experience and expertise in the door business because of her experienced personnel in this matter. Most of our prominent workers have been trained, educated and moulded in the hermetic field and cradled most of the new ideas and designs concerning hermetic closure.

Our Products

Sevenoaks introduces an easy to assemble sliding door kit for the operating theatre.

Easy to use and easy to install. All components being pre-assembled, pre drilled and designed to suit the plug and play principle. Resulting in an extremely short assembly time and a door that is simple to install. The assembly kit includes the track, running gear, door blade surrounding and handles. All based on the plug and play principle to enable quick and easy assemblage. A wide range of door frames to suit most wall details are available. Easy to follow instructions and a step by step photo reference are supplied with each kit for fast and trouble free assembly and installation.

The door has been designed to be transported, dimensions of the kit are compact and distance should not be a problem in respect to cost and means of transportation. Assembly is simple and time economic. Prices are compatible and delivery time is short

Sevenoaks product characteristics

  • Long product lifecycle (25-30 years)
  • Low maintenance (Gilgen AG and customer)
  • High quality (silent,durable,flexible)
  • Unique hermetic concept
  • Unique and simple rail construction

KIT Solution Sevenoaks

The new Sevenoaks S5 hermetic sliding door is of a modular concept. It is the only door in the field of hermetic solutions that can be treated as a real door kit. The hermetic closure is of a very simple construction and will satisfy the demands of the hospital (operating theatre, radiation room, rest room, MRI scan rooms, etc.), the cleanroom and theatres and cinemas. The door kit is very versatile in use in that it can be used as a purely hermetic solution, an acoustic (32dB) product and/or a radiation door that can have 3 mm of lead in the door body.


  • Hospital
    1. Operational theatre
    2. Radiology
    3. Emergency
    4. Wardrooms
    5. Intensive care
  • Civil
  • Pharmaceutical / Cleanrooms
  • Large Doors


Portalp Diva L

The DIVA L concept is improving for increased security  and flexibility of use. Discover the functionalities of DIVA L3, its easy use is closely linked to astonishing agility of NAVIBLU and VISIOBLU.Combining performance and reliability, the DIVA Lrange is designed for heavy traffic and intensive use

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Dormakaba ES410

As a compact and innovative sliding door operator, the DORMA ES 4010 is  especially suitable for application in hospitals, institutes or laboratories. Thanks to its simple and low-maintenan design, it guarantees easy  handling and reliable function as well as a long life cycle.

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